Wooden Halloween Garland

I'm a pretty practical person, so seasonal decor doesn't make much sense to my practical side. Like, why do I need home decor I'll only use for a month?

The truth is you don't need it of course, but it does make the holidays that much more fun! Thankfully, I've been influenced by my husband's family, who always elaborately decorates for holidays, their love of festive environments has rubbed off on me.

I'm finally decking my home out with holiday decor! But, as always, I'm never satisfied with buying something off the shelf. So, I created this garland myself!



  • Plan
    • Plan your pattern: My garland is 6ft long and the pattern is: 20 beads, 1 gourd & repeat.
  • Prep the Gourds
    • Poke a hole straight thru them so you can string them. I just used an old wire coat hanger.
    • Spray paint them (optional!), I chose black for a modern/minimal look
  • Create Tassels
    • 2 tassels out of white yarn. Mine are about 5 inches tall. 
  • Assemble
    • String on your pieces according to the pattern you decided on and tie the tassels to each end!
      • Tip: I taped the string to my wire coat hanger and stuck the hanger with the twine thru the gourds in order to get them threaded easily. 



  1. Natural Wood Beads
  2. Faux Gourds & Pumpkins
  3. Black Spray Paint (optional)
  4. Wire coat hanger
  5. White Yarn
  6. Twine
October 2016Holly Horvath