110216 . Candle Making

Today, I finally pulled the trigger on making candles. I'd been collecting the materials for a while and just really dragging it out...saying "I'd need to block off like a whole day!" Well today was that day.

I made a mess, I learned a lot, I created some ho-hum candles. I know you want more...


I used the She Knows article as a reference when creating. Then I gathered some things:
Collected vintage jars (salvation army, vintage shops)
Hot Glue & Gun
Pencils / Chop Sticks
Crayons (optional)
Soy Wax
Essential Oils

I think I could have been a little more steady handed when pouring the wax, since I poured unevenly, the tops weren't perfectly flat.

I could have used more scent! I used essential oils, only a few drops here or there. Clearly that was WRONG. The candles I made have a "barley-there" fragrance (that might just be the marketer in me...what I'm trying to say is, they don't smell - add more than 3 drops of essential oils!).

Holly Horvath