the pumpkin makes the outfit - indoor shoot

Another day another flat lay! And I had to use another tiny pumpkin. It totally makes the outfit. I wanted to bring fall vibes today with the colors. In the fall, a good burgundy with orange or mustard is just a killer color combo, so that's what my focus was on today.

Shooting wise, I did my regular set up, but I had to start later than I wanted to because of an appointment. The sun was a little lower than I thought it would be, so some things aren't quite as sharp as I wanted. I actually styled a few different outfits and pieces before I settled into this outfit, it took me a while to warm up today, but I pushed through. Remember to always push through. -H

Sweater: Asos (old)
Stretchy Corduroy Pants: Pilcro at Anthropologie
Booties:  Snare by Seychelles

Bonus photo

Mens Shoes: Jared Tie by Ecco