beacon hill at halloween - evening shoot + bonus: artistic PSA

I was not expecting the amazingness that is Beacon Hill at Halloween. I didn't spend a lot of time walking around, I wish I'd been out for a true photo walk, but it was super impromptu and I was kinda in a hurry, but I still wanted to share. 

With that, I'm going to make a PSA to all my artist friends out there: just do it. Whatever your craft is, do it. A little bit, when you have time, when you have no time, find some. Find 10 minutes, set a timer for literally 10 minutes and create. Don't let anything come between you, and your true need and love of self expression. If anyone ever wants to bounce work off me, I'd honestly love it! It can only make us all better. Feel free to leave creative criticism or, I prefer, your critiques, in the comments! And send me links to your stuff, I'd love to see it.

November 2017Holly Horvath