boston public garden - outdoor evening shoot - part 2

I mentioned in my last post, that we recently opened up the Horvie House to our friend, Chris Scaduto (he's a musical dude, check out his new stuff, While he was here, we roamed around Boston Public Garden, a must see spot, during any season really (but Spring is my fave, I mean, it's hard to compete with flowers, but Foliage really tries hard).

Anyway! I managed to convince them to have an impromptu photo shoot, my hubs snapped some pictures and our friend, bless him, held my purse during all the shots. That's what friends are for.

Coat: zara basics (this season)
Black turtle neck t-shirt: asos (old)
Jeans: madewell (this season)
Booties: snare by seychelles

bonus pix

husband (artsy shot in b&w) & ridiculous friend Chris bold and in color (please don't be offended this is just how he is, you know the type).