food photography class - studio shoot

Yesterday, I took a Food Photography class at the Boston Photography Workshop (BPW). BPW is exactly what I was looking for when we moved here. They have small class sizes, weekends and nights, and a variety of different class subjects!  So far, I've taken a Photo Review session, a Portrait class and now this one.

I've been working on more still life photography, like my outfit flat lays, and just playing with products as the subject. I've never tried food photography, so I thought a class would be a fun way to try it out. This way, I don't have to spend tons of time setting up these shots by myself, HA.

Everything was shot with a tripod. It was uncomfortable working with the tripod at first, it's not something I typically work with. But by the end, I was feeling it more! I'd like to think my next shoot will be as successful as this top shot (my personal fave) But let me know which photo is your favorite! And lemme know what you'd like to see as the subject of my first at home food shoot!

November 2017Holly Horvath