anastasia brow makeup - indoor shoot

Even though I've been loving outfit flat lays, I need to keep pushing myself. So, yesterday I decided to do a minimal flat lay shoot with my favorite eye brow makeup products. I've been pressed for time with my shoots lately, so I'm not experimenting or playing around as much as I need to be. I've got to get back to allowing more time for shoots!! Regardless, I still love these shots. Let me know which is your fave to help me style further lay outs.

As far as the story behind why I decided to shoot these products, it's because, I'm obsessed with eyebrows. It took me a few years of experimentation before I declared these two products as my ultimate faves. I tried EVERYTHING. Gels, creams, pencils. I've settled down with Anastasia brow wiz and brow gel because they help me achieve the most natural looking brows. The Brow Wiz is just enough of a pencil and a cream to fill in without looking too over done. And the gel just helps hold everything in place.

November 2017Holly Horvath