boston phototography workshop portrait class - outdoor shoot

Yesterday, I took a portraiture class at the Boston Photography Workshop! I've been trying to brush up on my technical photography skills and taking classes is a great immersive way to force myself into learning. Who doesn't need a little force sometimes? ha. 

Boston Photography Workshop is exactly what I was looking for when we moved here. They have small class sizes, weekends and nights, and a variety of different class subjects!  So far, I've taken a Photo Review session and this Portrait class, I'm taking food photography next! I'm pumped.

I've always struggled with portraits, only because I get shy and unsure of how to direct the subject. Lately, if something makes me mildly uncomfortable or scared, I figure it's probably something I should explore. Like, why does that make me so nervous or scared? Most of the time, I can't find a good answer to the question, so I go ahead and push through that uncertainty. The results have lead to some of my most fun experiences here in Boston - like these classes. 

I have to say during the class I'm proud of the risks I took with angles and composition. Though, I still feel like I could have tried harder at directing the subject. I did loosen up a little right at the end and blurted out some half joking directions, but I didn't display enough confidence in what I needed and I couldn't figure out how to use my words fast enough for the pace of the situation. I just have to keep practicing.

Let me know which one of these is your favorite! For the subject herself or the location, just let me know what you like - any feedback is helpful for the next time I'm out shooting!


November 2017Holly Horvath