i workout for pizza - indoor shoot

With such an insane year of change, my husband, Chris and I have fallen further away from our health goals. Now that we're finally feeling settled in Boston, we're also trying to settle into healthy habits, so we joined a gym! Right now, I'm trying to make it into the gym 3 times a week. I haven't been a member of a gym in over a year, so starting small will help me stick with it in the long run. If I went in, expecting to do amazing things right off the bat, I'd be disappointed with myself, which is counter productive! I know that as the small steps get easier, I'll get better at pushing myself within my workouts as well. 

So, when it came to choosing an outfit for a flat lay shoot, i went with athletic wear! I think I'll be doing more shoots like this, because joining a gym is an excellent reason to get new workout clothes...right? And in turn, I'll need to photograph those new clothes...obviously.

During the shoot, the only prop I played around with were my bluetooth headphones. Now that I'm looking back, a water bottle would be a cool prop for my next shoot! Have anything else you'd like to see in an athletic wear shoot? Let me know below! Also, pizza will and always be life. 


Leggings: Bargin buy at Marshalls
T-shirt: Target circa 2016
Sneakers: New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz v1