dress for success - indoor shoot

Today's outfit flat lay is inspired by my recent venture into volunteering at Dress for Success Boston. If you're not  familiar with Dress for Success (DFS), here's their mission statement:

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

The main thing DFS is known for, is their boutique and personal shoppers (volunteers) that help dress women for their upcoming job interview or first day of work. Though, DFS is about way more than clothes! After they dress her for the job, they also provide the opportunity to join a Professional Women's Group that holds seminars. On things from personal finance, etiquette and all kinds of amazing valuable life skills and lessons!

I first volunteered at Dress for Success when I lived in Dallas, TX. There, I helped organize clothing in their boutique. Now, in Boston, I'm going to be volunteering as a communications assistant and help them with marketing. I've learned a lot in corporate marketing over the past 7 years and it feels amazing to give back even a fraction of what I've learned to these amazing women! 

A silly obstacle I did not see coming from this volunteer opportunity, their dress code for the volunteers. They have a no denim policy. Ah, no! But I get it, we are DRESSING FOR SUCCESS. The jobs I held for the last 5 years were all a casual dress environment. I have jeans on jeans on jeans. I literally have NO trousers, which I now see, is a problem. I'm also not typically a dress or skirt girl, so I have a few of those, but not a ton. I'm just going to have to flex my closet and see what kind of outfits I can make! I'll be showing what I come up with in future flat lays!

Sweater: J Crew (2016)
Pants: Stretchy Corduroy made by Pilcro at Anthropologie
Shoes: Modern Citizen (2015)