wish earrings - good for the soule

Over the years making my Good for the Soule Handmade Jewelry, I've always wanted to create some symbolic jewelry. But I've struggled to find any charm or symbol that fits with my geometric and minimal aesthetic. Last year, I messed around with symbolic packaging for my hexagon and gold triangle necklaces. But I failed to follow thru and actually shoot the product in the packages! In my defense, I was working full time, so the idea just lost steam.

Now, I thought the holiday season was a good time to bring the idea back! And as it turns out, I just bought these star beads a few weeks ago. When I thought about symbolism again, it became clear to do something around 'wishing on a star'. I love how these WISH pieces came out with the backer card and everything! I hope you do too! I think they're such a simple but impactful gift to give as we head into 2018. Check them out over on my Etsy shop: GoodfortheSoule.etsy.com


PS: The photographer in me is pretty pleased with how these shots came out! It was a super overcast day and I thought they'd end up too dark, but I think they're all right :)