Becoming Good for the Soule

Hi there, I'm Holly. And I've always wanted to bet on myself in a big way, but I've pushed it off because I figured you should plan before you do something like that. And, well, to be real - I don't have a fool proof plan right now. So, I just kept putting it off. During the last few months of my life, I've realized the concept of 'me making a totally fool proof plan before betting on myself' is totally unrealistic. 

Being me, I decided to take action. I realized the only thing standing in my way was time. The easiest way to get a lot more time? Quit your day job. Today is my first Monday not employed at a corporate gig for more or less the last seven years. It feels good to be honest with myself for once. I wasn't happy. Today, I'm taking action.

My words to live by might sound really cheesy, but give it a chance...YOLO. Yeah, YOLO, you only live once. Because even though it's a hilariously lame acronym, it's always very true. You really do only live once, so I want to spend my energy making my life as happy as possible.

Starting today, I'm documenting my journey to happiness.  

 . . . . . . . 

My first order of business is Good for the Soule, my Etsy shop.  I'm going to actually spend time looking at the data behind the traffic and conversions on my site. I'm also gonna work on moving that business onto this website so I can have a holistic brand experience. I'm excited to have time to invest back into the foundation I've already built in Good for the Soule. So, stay tuned for more blogs, products, updates......and just MORE STUFF! :) Wooooo!


March 2017Holly Horvath