My Artsy Background Story

My family is full of artists. My mom has illustrated a bird book (like, how is it physically possible to draw birds that well?) and my dad is a jack of all trades! He's built a house, so there you go. My older brother was always amazing at drawing, he got into graphic design, UX/UI design and development. 

I like to try everything. Growing up, I always coveted my moms paintings. I remember the first time she sat down to teach me about oil paints, she helped me create a landscape. It was a painting of a lake, with mountains. Classic Bob Ross stuff. From then on, I was hooked.

In High School, I took art class every semester. Just so you understand how serious I actually am, I read the guidelines of how to graduate high school, like official handbook type stuff. I found out that you didn't actually have to take four years of science, so I dropped my Robotics class and took an art elective instead.

I painted, I sculpted, I tried every single form of art there was. Through everything, I loved photography the most. I'm from a tiny town in New Hampshire, I was in high school back in 2002-2005. My high school still had a classic dark room set up, with an enlarger and everything. I learned on real film people! Back then, we had to process every single photo by hand (I'm talking hardcore - NO photoshop actions) old school dodging and burning with your hands or anything you could find. Anyone that's done their own processing can vouch that that's A LOT of work. Mixing chemicals, not exposing your film as you transfer it out of the camera, just to name a few of my favorite pastimes...

I took a lot of pride in my photography, I still do! It was the first art form that I really loved and was truly satisfied with my work. I mean, my still life drawings and paintings were all right, but I really love photography. Something about the light, the colors, the depth - I love it.

Now - here in 2017 - as I'm taking this journey to figure myself out, I realize that the love of photography has never left me. And I've just been ignoring it, and I keep trying to fill the void with my "next big skill" when it's really been sitting here all this time?  

*Story of the Photo - This is my Grandfather's Camera. I claimed it as my own after he passed. I used it when I first started shooting film. It still works! Olympus OM10, originally sold in the 1970's.

March 2017Holly Horvath