Adventures in Embroidery

I've wanted to get into embroidery because I just love trying everything DIY related. Instead of going the typical hoop route, I decided to just embroider something on my jean jacket, because I had been thinking about sticking pins on my jacket, but this idea is more original.

Granted, I didn't actually look up any embroidery techniques, I just dove straight in and used my basic sewing knowledge to get the job done.

Here's a basic version of what I did:

  • I figured out what kind of H I wanted, and where I should place it
  • Sketched the desired H on my collar
  • Used a basic stitch to fill in the sketched shape of the letter

All in all, I had fun, made a few mistakes, but am overall satisfied with my now personalized acid-wash jean jacket!

Are you into embroidery? I'd love to chat with some embroidery enthusiasts :)

April 2017Holly Horvath