My Mid-Century Modern Dining Room

The dining room is my favorite room in the house. And I'm not just saying that. It really is. 

It all starts with the vintage mid-century china hutch. I bought that baby back in 2011 at a Salvation Army on the West Coast of Florida. It's my most favorite piece of furniture I own. 

China hutch back story: Back in 2011, when I found this mid-century treasure, I was living by myself in a small apartment and only owned mismatching plastic cups. Needless to say, I knew I didn't need it. But, how on earth could I walk away from such a beautiful creature? I ended up buying it, renting a truck and storing it in my Aunts garage for a year and a half. I was finally able to put it into my home when I moved into a bigger place with my now-husband, then-boyfriend. As it turns out, he ended up having an enormous glassware collection and I had an empty china hutch. Uhh, meant to be!?

When it came to designing the dining room, the the mid-century china hutch was the first piece on my mood board. In the early design concepts, I had A LOT of brass and gold. But, I ended up realizing that it was looking too literal "mid-century". I'm a big fan of mixing vintage styles with modern pieces also incorporated. So, I pulled back and leaned into exploring silver accents. Everything went pretty smoothly from there. The mid-century table just felt too right to pass up for a modern option. So, I did get that, but I tried to even out all the wood with some clear, modern, fixtures and textures. The bench, acrylic ghost chairs, plant and light-fixture all belong in a truly modern home, but paired with the mid-century pieces it just felt classic and modern at the same time, and that combination, is totally me.

I didn't style these photographs, so hopefully I can get some more up that show the room a little better as a whole. At the time I took these, I was just inspired by the light, so I took a few quick snaps. But you can see my love for vintage/thrifted scandinavian + nordic decor pieces in these! Like the wooden duck, on the china hutch and the ice ball votive candle holder, shown in between the mini cactus. The wood duck box was actually my grandmothers, so I love it a little extra. ;)  

For a long time, I thought about adding a rug in this room. But I don't have a clear vision on what the rug should be. The only idea I have is a jute rug, but that doesn't feel sophisticated enough for this dining room. If you have a rug suggestion, feel free to leave it in the comments - I'd love to chat with you!

Mid-Century China Hutch - Thrifted

Mid-Century Table - West Elm

Acrylic Ghost Chairs-

White and Silver Bench -

Light Fixture - West Elm

Curtains - Anthropologie

Curtain Rod - Crate & Barrel

Throw Pillows -  (white) & World Market (blue)

Photography Cred: Holly Soule Horvath, Good for the Soule Photo