Jewelry Crush - HECHIZO

The first time I internet-dark-hole-crawled my way to the Hechizo shop, I showed superhuman restraint and ended the shopping session with just one item in my cart. I debated between the Terra Cotta Kalyptos Earring in Jet Black and the Alma Earrings in Heather Pink. Obviously ended up with the, Pink. With Spring in my backyard, I just had to go lighter.

When the earrings arrived they were even more beautiful than I imagined. Hechizo is truly my new muse! I admire the owner, Hali Emminger. Her story feels similar to my own, though I do not have the level of success she has had! She's just inspiring to me - her authenticity is so apparent. I admire that! Give her a follow on IG. Can't wait to see what she creates next.

Now I'm off to make my own new creations! Wish me luck :P