Shipping up to Boston

On March 27, Chris and I tossed a grenade at our lives. We blew that shit up. I'm being funny of course, but we really did do that, just without the violence of an actual grenade. We both quit our jobs, we decided to move out of Dallas and we were on the hunt for the next adventure. Whatever that next adventure was going to be, we knew it had to hold happiness as the most important part of our lives.

Over the last 6 years of knowing each other, Chris had been a partner at financial services firm and I had been in corporate marketing gigs at various companies. I can tell you my unhappiness stemmed from lack of ownership. Since working for so many large companies,  I always felt like I was following another persons agenda. I knew that happiness wasn't possible for me in those situations anymore. So, here I am trying to find the next adventure! 

Chris and I decided to move up to Boston, MA. I have family in New England and am excited to finally be living up north again! Chris already has something lined up and he too is going to focus on ownership, as he's becoming a Financial Advisor. We're excited for the next step! It's scary to take a leap of faith, but you can't make a change if you're sitting still.

June 2017Holly Horvath