Stowe, VT: Ski Vacation Itinerary Part 2 | Days 3 & 4

Stowe, VT - Itinerary

Day 3 - ski and chill

  • Skied at Stowe

    • Unfortunately for us, it had rained overnight, so parts of the mountain were very icy. All the fresh snow was gone, but like I said to Chris, "ice is part of skiing the east!"

    • We ended up riding the gondola up to the other peak, I think we would have really loved that side of the mountain under easier conditions. We are not super advanced skiiers, so let's just say there were some struggles with the steep drops and icy conditions.

  • Chill at Hotel

    • talk about soaking tub

  • Dinner at Harrison's

    • Harrison's was beautifully decorated in rustic New England country cabin chic with a good classic american bar & grill.


skiing at stowe

a little icy, but that's skiing the East!


Day 4 - Alchemist & travel day 

  • Lunch at Stowe Sandwich Company

    • Small, fast, homemade and delicious. They serve sandwiches, soups, the basics. Just what you'd expect out of a place with the word "Sandwich" in the name.

    • The salad was served in a glass pie dish, I mean can I just tell you how much I missed small family owned restaurants in New England?

  • Alchemist Brewery

    • Ever heard of Heady Topper? The Alchemist Brewery are the minds behind the top rated beer. And they just so happen to be right in Stowe, VT! This trip really had it all. There are actually a ton of other breweries in Stowe, VT and a lot of folks make entire trips just revolving around beer!



Being a tourist

The Alchemist - Stowe, VT

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